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Leadpoint, a Legal and Regtech practice delivers to Lenders and their Customers a market leading rapid, secure, and seamless solution for Brokers and customers to review, complete and ESign their Doc Packs WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF LOAN APPROVAL in one easy step, anytime, anywhere, at scale. 10, 100 or 500 mortgages per day, all delivered in 5 minutes 24/7/365 whilst helping the environment.



Our OneStep solution enables Lenders to automate and complete the documentation and signing process within minutes of loan approval, in one seamless and rapid step. 

EDoc & Esign together with our integrated partner
Adobe Acrobat Sign.



Our Document generation solution- OneStep will transform your loan document processing.
Delay, errors and manual processes disappear and are replaced with a fast, accurate and fully automated digital process.

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Automated EDoc


Automated EDoc &


Lender & Customer

Customers waiting days or weeks to receive their loan documentation post loan approval delivers a very poor customer experience. Turn customer frustration at delays into 5 star reviews with our scalable solution. Reduce the risk of documentation errors by avoiding the re-keying of data between disconnected platforms and services. If a re-work is necessary, simply correct the data and resend the XML or JSON file and your corrected documents will be ready to ESign in less than 5 minutes. 


Lenders, Brokers and their Customers also enjoy the benefits of our new OneView Solution. OneView delivers advanced automated SMS and Email communications to all parties throughout the settlement process. The OneView Portal Dashboard  provides Lenders with an instant and comprehensive view of their customers, applications and settlement status, all from one screen. OneView delivers transparency, ease of use, timely and comprehensive reporting and an embedded chat function. Leadpoint's new Testing App  allows new and existing clients to test post e-sign communications.

Reporting Dashboard

Reporting & Performance Dashboard


Lender & Customer Portal


Security & Compliance


Testing App.

Our Custom built Test App enables Clients to test different elements of the product with complete transparency and ease.


Connected Clients.



When you choose OneStep we also provide to you and your customers all the added benefits of OneView.

  • OneStep
  • Auto Edoc
  • Auto Edoc & Esign
  • Instant Emails and SMS
  • Live Chat Support
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  • OneView
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Customer portal
  • Quick Communications through Portal
  • Live Chat Support
  • Free Demo

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Let us demonstrate the ease of integration with our OneStep solution utilising Leadpoint's experience, expertise and LIXI 2. Seamless integration with OneStep is the future of API's in mortgage fulfilment.

Efficiency in lending is all about automation. LIXI 2 data standards enable B2B data exchange and the efficient and agile use of technology across lending.

Connecting to OneStep with Leadpoint expertise and experience and LIXI 2 premium tools, training and assistance is easier than ever.
This Leadpoint/LIXI video demonstrates the ease of integration with our API.

View this video if you are new to the LIXI standards or wish to learn more.

About Us.

Leadpoint is a Legal & Regtech practice specialising in delivering innovative digitised and automated loan fulfilment services to Lenders and their customers 24/7, on any device.We also provide a comprehensive suit of post settlement services to assist in the ongoing management of Lender's loan portfolios.


Our Onestep Auto EDoc & ESign solution delivers loan contract and security 'Doc Packs' to Lender's customers in one seamless and rapid  step; within 5 minutes of a Lender approving a loan & sending their data file to our Onestep platform.


Leadpoint has been providing market leading and truly innovative digital mortgage (loan fulfilment) services to Lenders since 2008. We have further developed our award winning EDoc platform & automated the integration of EDoc & ESign with our partner Adobe Acrobat Sign. In doing so we have eliminated all labour intensive error - riddled and slow processes between approval & signing that currently plague the lending process.


Our secure & trusted EDoc platform has been integrated with Adobe Acrobat's trusted and secure ESign platform to create a loan fulfilment service like no other. Add new & advanced Lender and customer communications, dashboard data & reporting services, and Lender & customer portals, & you have the complete digital solution.


In an industry where digital deception prevails, we invite you to request a live demonstration of our OneStep solution or visit the LIXI website to see more .

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