LeadPoint DMS is a legal fintech which specialises in providing innovative, secure and intelligent national mortgage services to Banks, Mutuals and Non-Bank Lenders. LeadPoint is at the forefront of helping Lenders bring traditional home loan processes up to speed, literally!

LeadPoint’s WebMortgages cloud based service delivers loan contract and security “Doc Packs” to Lenders and their customers instantly, including their chosen e-sign platform, online, 24/7/365.

LeadPoint’s proprietary digital platform provides:

  • speed and agility
  • facilitates the best use and application of data in multichannel delivery
  • reduces cost
  • enhances the customer experience
  • assists with compliance
  • reduces risk
  • best practice response to competitive threats

An Application Programming Interface (API) between a Lender’s platform and LeadPoint’s WebMortgages service allows data-intensive tasks to be completed more quickly and accurately by automating loan fulfilment processes, thereby allowing Lender’s to develop new offerings and deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

Connectivity to e-sign platforms enhances the seamless API based automated service.

LeadPoint’s partners and Lender clients include Illion, IRESS, Tic:Toc, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and RACQ Bank. Automation is a key component to end-to-end process optimisation. LeadPoint’s collaborative partnerships enables interoperability between platforms and services and:

  • delivers innovative and competitive pricing structures
  • eliminates labour intensive, error-riddled and slow processes
  • takes the customer “off the market” sooner via an enhanced customer experience
  • facilitates B2B messaging for rapid service delivery
  • achieves greater Lender ROI from digital platforms
  • scale-ability and security using Microsoft Azure cloud services

Put LeadPoint’s WebMortgages Services to work for you now!

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