WebMortgages Cloud Service released

WebMortgages Cloud Service

What is the WebMortgages Cloud Service?

LeadPoint DMS has released it’s WebMortgages service as a cloud based service. We have partnered with Microsoft and leveraged their Azure cloud technologies to enhance our existing WebMortgages document preparation and settlement service. Our WebMortgages service is housed in Microsoft Azure’s Australia East data centre in Sydney, with failover redundancy in Melbourne.


·        Connectivity

Microsoft Azure’s technology allows LeadPoint DMS to maintain multiple points of presence within Australia for our services, this coupled with failover redundancy provides an excellent level of connectivity for both incoming and outgoing data.

·        Availability

Microsoft Azure services have a 99.95% SLA on connectivity, providing confidence our WebMortgages service is truly available 24/7.

·        Performance

Scalability using Azure provides LeadPoint DMS with the ability to increase our output by allocating additional resources within minutes. We have the ability handle your volume increases without service interruption ensuring you or your clients always receive their documents within minutes.

·        Security

All data in and out of our WebMortgages service is encrypted as well as data stored within our databases. Microsoft’s Azure data centres are protected by rigorous physical security measures to ensure you or your client’s data is always secure.