Mortgage Enforcement

Financial Institutions must respond quickly and assertively to defaulted loans to ensure that they can be recovered with a minimal impact on daily margins and the bottom line.

Enforcement of a loan that has been secured by a mortgage can be a difficult process and requires a service that is fast, simple and effective.  With a proven capacity to move clients through the mortgage enforcement process with ease and comfort, we exceed best practice standards and deliver clients the leading edge.

At LeadPoint our knowledge of the mortgage industry is supported by sophisticated networks and systems that enable us to deliver the highest standard of mortgage enforcement in Australia.

Expertise & Experience

With expertise and experience in all aspects of mortgage enforcement, including default notices, Court Orders for possession, and mortgagee sales, we have the necessary people and systems to deliver a streamlined service without compromise to our clients every time.


Our clients include organisations from across the finance industry including Banks, Credit Unions, Wholesale Funders and Mortgage Managers.