Mortgage Services

Australia’s Wholesale and Retail financial services sector is dynamic, innovative and extremely competitive. Financial Service Providers (“FSP’s”) including Lenders, Mortgage Managers, Brokers and Broker Aggregators require lawyers that consistently provide timely, cost effective, quality legal services. To do so, their lawyers must have an intimate knowledge of the industry, its participants, developing trends and products and services, and the relevant legislation. Equally, panel lawyers providing high volume mortgage services must not only have the technical expertise, but also the technology and systems to deliver the service in an innovative, cost effective and efficient manner. That is why LeadPoint developed LAWnchpad®, our award-winning, fully automated national mortgage processing, tracking and reporting system. Together with exceptional service from our dedicated and experienced paralegals, LAWnchpad® delivers a fully automated process, programmed to meet the individual needs of Lenders, Mortgage Managers and their Brokers. With a proven capacity to consistently document and settle in excess of 750 new mortgage loans each month, LAWnchpad® delivers a superior level of mortgage services nationally and exceeds industry best practice service levels.    Supported by an exceptional division of legal and information technology experts, as well as a secure website that provides outstanding real time communication to all stakeholders, LAWnchpad® truly deserves its award winning status. Comprising Automated Decisioning Technology (“ADT”), online tracking and dedicated staff, the LAWnchpad® platform utilises the latest technology and communication methods to ensure the system is reliable, transparent and secure. Our Mortgage Services team comprises 15 paralegals, including a proactive and passionate management team that assures our published service levels are maintained and regularly exceeded. We have the capacity, experience and expertise to handle the most urgent and complex matters Australia-wide. LAWnchpad® is designed to cater for, and our paralegals are trained in all jurisdictions, resulting in an efficient, cost-effective and seamless outcome for the most complex multi-jurisdictional transactions.  FSP’s constantly choose and recommend our services because LAWnchpad® delivers the superior service that our clients expect and demand.