LeadPoint’s WebMortgages Service

What is the WebMortgages Cloud Service?

LeadPoint DMS has released it’s WebMortgages service as a cloud based service. We have partnered with Microsoft and leveraged their Azure cloud technologies to enhance our existing WebMortgages document preparation and settlement service. Our WebMortgages service is housed in Microsoft Azure’s Australia East data centre in Sydney, with failover redundancy in Melbourne.


·        Connectivity

Microsoft Azure’s technology allows LeadPoint DMS to maintain multiple points of presence within Australia for our services, this coupled with failover redundancy provides an excellent level of connectivity for both incoming and outgoing data.

·        Availability

Microsoft Azure services have a 99.95% SLA on connectivity, providing confidence our WebMortgages service is truly available 24/7.

·        Performance

Scalability using Azure provides LeadPoint DMS with the ability to increase our output by allocating additional resources within minutes. We have the ability handle your volume increases without service interruption ensuring you or your clients always receive their documents within minutes.

·        Security

All data in and out of our WebMortgages service is encrypted as well as data stored within our databases. Microsoft’s Azure data centres are protected by rigorous physical security measures to ensure you or your client’s data is always secure.


Financial Service Providers must comply with the many Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice and industry standards that constantly regulate the way they deliver their products and services to consumers.

In order to do so in a cost effective, accurate and timely manner, they require Lawyers that have an intimate working knowledge of the Law and the financial services industry within which they operate.

LeadPoint Mortgage Services has the experience, knowledge and expertise to advise Lenders, Mortgage Managers, Broker Aggregators and Brokers on the Law and provide practical solutions and documentation ranging from Loan Contracts, Mortgage Originator and Management Agreements, Aggregator and Broker Agreements.

Compliance is not only about reciting the Law and your obligations, it is about providing practical solutions, documentation and meaningful advice.

Mortgage Enforcement

Financial Institutions must respond quickly and assertively to defaulted loans to ensure that they can be recovered with a minimal impact on daily margins and the bottom line.

Enforcement of a loan that has been secured by a mortgage can be a difficult process and requires a service that is fast, simple and effective.  With a proven capacity to move clients through the mortgage enforcement process with ease and comfort, we exceed best practice standards and deliver clients the leading edge.

At LeadPoint our knowledge of the mortgage industry is supported by sophisticated networks and systems that enable us to deliver the highest standard of mortgage enforcement in Australia.

Expertise & Experience

With expertise and experience in all aspects of mortgage enforcement, including default notices, Court Orders for possession, and mortgagee sales, we have the necessary people and systems to deliver a streamlined service without compromise to our clients every time.


Our clients include organisations from across the finance industry including Banks, Credit Unions, Wholesale Funders and Mortgage Managers.

“White Label” Mortgage Services for Solicitors

LeadPoint Mortgage Services can provide you with a fast, efficient, high-quality and cost-effective solution for your “one-off” mortgage and loan document service needs.

“White Label” documents means that you can include your own electronic logo and firm details on all correspondence and documents to “brand” them as your own, should you require it.  The documentation package is provided to you in “Word” so you may further customise documents and correspondence to meet your specific requirements (or we can do this for you).

Our service is popular with small and boutique legal practices that do not regularly practice in mortgage services (or at all), however do not wish to simply refer their client to another legal practice to provide the service, in doing so possibly “losing” the client in the process.  The security documentation requirements in many instances is part of a much larger transaction; eg. vendor finance relating to the sale of a business.

Our service allows you to both retain and better service your client’s needs and charge professional fees for your services (in addition to our fees).  Conversely, attempting to handle a transaction that is outside of your expertise, or that you are not currently “set up” to efficiently complete and competitively price, exposes both you and your client to risk and may tarnish what has otherwise been a profitable and mutually beneficial solicitor client relationship.  LeadPoint Mortgage Services provides a national mortgage service only (including compliance advice and mortgage enforcement), and provides no other legal services.

LeadPoint Mortgage Services has the expertise, precedents, technology and automated documentation, tracking and reporting systems to efficiently provide the service that you and your clients require. 

We can assist you by providing a full service or a tailored service to suit your specific requirements; ie.  a complete documentation package only, or a full service including certification, settlement and registration.  You also choose the fee structure; you tell us your fee for the services you are providing to your client to be incorporated into your package.  We will invoice you separately for our professional fee.

Our primary services include mortgages and collateral security over real property situated anywhere in Australia and includes:

  • Preparation of NCC regulated and unregulated Loan Contracts securing loans to individuals, companies and trusts.
  • A complete security package including:
    • Real property mortgages
    • Guarantees and Indemnities
    • General Security Agreement (PPSA)
    • ASIC, OSR and other Statutory Forms
    • Company and Trust Minutes and Statutory Declarations including warranties in compliance with the Corporations Law
    • Independent Legal and/or Financial Advice Certificates for Borrowers and/or Guarantors
    • Mortgagor identification certificates
    • Deeds of Priority/Amendment of Priority
    • Internal checklists to complete the transaction
    • Detailed breakdown and calculations for professional fees, costs, mortgage duty (if any), registration fees and other fees
    • Detailed correspondence fully explaining the documentation and the transaction

Alternatively, contact Legal Practitioner Director David Maher to discuss your requirements.

        Direct Ph:  (07) 3361 0304

        Fax:          (07) 3024 4304

        Email:       dmaher@myleadpoint.com