LeadPoint DMS WebMortgages API Documentation

The WebMortgages API is a REST API that is used by clients of LeadPoint DMS to automate the generation of Mortgage Loan documentation packs (‘Doc Packs’) for Australian Lenders.

The API is hosted in Azure as a Web App. The subsequent document generation and return services are hosted in a Windows Server VM also in Azure.

The API accepts an XML payload which contains the required information to generate the documentation. This payload complies with the LIXI Standard schema for Documents and Settlements (DAS). The documentation for this standard can be found here.

The API itself is also based on the LIXI Standard Open API specification. The API specification can be found here. A sample payload can be found here.

The API first validates the payload against the XML schema, then a set of Schematron rules to ensure that the data matches the business rules of the client. If the data is valid a LIXI compliant response is issued indicating the Queue ID for the request. Otherwise, the service will return the reason for the failure. The data is then used to assemble the documentation in our document generation system. If the XML specifies that the documents are to be electronically signed, they are sent to Adobe Sign via their API. In production environments SMS authentication will be used. Once the documents are signed we retrieve them from Adobe Sign and proceed to the settlement process.